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2008 stats for CGs and SOs?

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  • 2008 stats for CGs and SOs?

    I play in a NL/AL snake draft league that uses a somewhat arcane system, but one that gives extra points for shutouts and complete games. I'm having trouble finding the results in those two categories from last least in a form that I can import into a spreadsheet. Am I missing this somewhere on the HQ site. Or, does anyone have a recommendation for where I could find these stats, along with the other fantasy stats (Hr,s rbis, etc)?

    Thanks in advance for any advice

    Ted Brooks

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    ESPN has some good stats that can help. / @NickRichardsHQ


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      Originally posted by NICK@HQ View Post
      ESPN has some good stats that can help.
      Well, I'm still hoping to find something that is down loadable. Fortunately, complete games are almost a rarity these days, so I guess I could use what I have and just manually enter the numbers from your link.

      Thanks for your help



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        Frankly that's how I treat CGs in my H2H league. It's so rare, it can be almost ignored. If you don't want to do that, you can look at last year, see CC and Halladay as the big boys and everyone else at no more than 2 or 3 and assume roughly the same for 2009. / @NickRichardsHQ