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Suggestion for 'Custom Draft Grids

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  • Suggestion for 'Custom Draft Grids

    I'm a huge fan of the grids, and for my three leagues that's pretty much all I bring to my drafts.

    In Rays Straight Draft Guide this year I noticed that players were delineated in type according to their Portfolio3 status. Seems like a pretty great idea for those who are looking at risk when they draft. It makes it easy to see which players qualify for which, if any, of the P3 categories.

    Is there a way, in the future, to do the same thing with the draft grids? That would be a wonderful feature, in my opinion.

    Many thanks.

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    We need to find a better way of delineating P3 tiers all over the site. The approach I took in the Str Draft Guide was one option, there may be better ones.

    I'll make sure it's on our drawing board for the next planning cycle.


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      Thanks Ray. Grids rule!