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  • DOM/DIS for hitters

    The articles by Dylan Hedges have been great on DOM/DIS for hitters. I purchased the Graphical Player in hopes of getting information like Dylan Hedges offers from the charts. I am in a Head to Head league and DOM/DIS information for hitters would put me way ahead of the others in my league.

    It has already done that for me with the PQS for starting pitchers. Is there a place in either the Graphical Player or the Baseball Forecaster I can find that information or calculate it from what is there?

    Providing the DOM/DIS figures in future publications for hitters would be invaluable.

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    We're working on getting DOM/DIS for hitters up on the site. Stay tuned.


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      Big leg up

      Thanks, Ray. That would be fabulous. Our draft is March 15. If it is up by then I feel I would have a huge advantage over the other teams in a league that this year is expanding to 16 teams from 12.

      A suggestion to Dylan Hedges for a column: How to handle your last 10 picks in a head to head league. Just how do you select players when they are all below league average?


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        Should be up before the 15th, hopefully.