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    Starting Pitchers Buyers Guide

    Stephen Nickrand PQS Pitching logs: NOTES/ARCHIVE American League National League
    Top skills: AMER | NATL
    Pitchers with a minimum K/9 of 5.6, K/BB of 2.0, or maximum xHR/9 of 1.0, ranked by BPV.
    Potential surgers: AMER | NATL
    Pitchers with a BPV over 70 and whose xERA is lower than their ERA, ranked by that variance. Potential faders: AMER | NATL
    Pitchers with a BPV under 50 and whose xERA is higher than their ERA, ranked by that variance.

    When I clikck on these, I do not get the ranks? Is it just not completed yet?
    Head - Head (salary/years) 16 Team, mixed points League. 21 active players: C,1B,2B,3B,SS,CI,MI,LF,CF,RF,U,U,SP,SP,SP,SP,SP,RP ,RP,P,P, 6 Bench, 15 Minors

    Batters: AB: -.5, BB: 1, CS: -.4, GDP: -.2, H: .5, HP: 1, K: -.2, R: 1.7, RBI: 1.4, SB: 2, SF: .5, TB: 1
    Pitchers: BB: -1, BS: -8, ER: -3, HA: -1, HB: -1, HD: 3, HRA: -1, INN: 3, K: 1, RW: -2, S: 8, W: 8

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    These run off of in-season stats. They are designed to spot in-season trends.
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