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  • Request for Forecaster & Graphical Player

    As always, great books editions this year. Now I'm not sure if it's me not paying attention or not but it seems that there are more players who I don't recognize easily. That's a good thing, I wouldn't want the books to review fewer players. My request is to put an Organization Name in each player's profile. I'm a NL guy and so I end up looking up lots of players (rookies particularly) to see if they're AL guys (to be ignored) or maybe I just missed them.

    Of course, the books are sent out early and lots of players change teams after publication but I still think it'd provide a good baseline and a big help.

    What are the thoughts on this?
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    Even more helpful for me is to include the organization name in any articles about minor leaguers. I frequently don't know whether those guys are AL or NL prospects.
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      In terms of the Forecaster boxes, team affiliations are (almost) always there, on the 2007 statline. In cases where MLEs are used and "a/a" is on the statline, in the player box we'll say something like ".200-1-4 in 14 AB at COL".

      In recent years, we've started to give player boxes to guys who have not yet appeared in the majors... in this case, I can see where this would be a concern. I'll make a note of that.

      Deric or JB would be better able to comment on their areas of expertise.