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    I love the idea of the custom valuator, especially since I've spent significant time trying to create my own. However, I'm a bit mystified by some of its results and am hoping for a little more detailed look than its NOTES page gives. My questions are specific to the BaseballHQ custom valuators.

    First I have some general questions. The Custom Value FAQ says you use the "scarcity method". Is there somewhere where I can get details on your implementation on this method? Are you working with category scarcity as in SB or SV? Are you working with positional scarcity? How do you work with rate and average categories under the scarcity method?

    Next, what do you consider to be the pool for use in denominators. I'm not even sure of the vocabulary to use here, so I'll try an example. Say player A is projected to hit 30 HR. I believe you would calculate the value of his HR contribution based on how many total HR are available in the pool. I know I tell the tool how many hitters and pitchers will be used in my league, but does it have enough information to know what the pool will be? If I have 10 teams with 12 hitters, does it consider the pool to be the top 120 hitters? Does it take positions into account? Does it consider the pool to be all projected players in the league?

    Now to a question that may be specific to my specific settings. Here's the settings I used.

    12 Hitters
    9 Pitchers
    10 Teams
    Split 155:105
    Total Salary $210

    Hitting Stats: RBI, R, OBP, SLG
    Pitching Stats: SV, ERA, WHIP, SO

    Why do pitchers still come out so cheap? Under my settings, the top three hitters are

    Bonds $47
    Helton $46
    Pujols $42

    Those values fit great, but now look at the top pitchers

    Gagne $27
    Wagner $20
    Schmidt $19

    I don't see how the best pitching can be worth so much less than the best hitting especially when they're the only players contributing to a very scarce category of Saves. By the custom valuator results Gagne is 13th pick overall between Abreu and Renteria. Wagner, the second pitcher would be 36th pick nuzzling between Luis Gonzalez and Burnitz. Can you give me some insight into the calculations?

    From the FAQ I know there are different dollar values between the projection spreadsheets and the valuator, but this is a huge pitcher devaluation. In the spreadsheets the highest batter is $42 while the highest pitcher is $45.

    I have a straight draft league and the instructions say to use 180/80 for the split, but at levels like that I get the first pitcher is ranked 44th and the second pitcher doesn't ring in until 73rd, right before Ben Grieve. So I use 155:105 which best reflects my league breakdown.

    Sorry about the long post, but I think there's great potential for this tool. Especially saving me hours in Excel. My girlfriend can't wait for me to get comfortable with this tool
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