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  • xERA and BPV

    I'm trying to calculate xERA and BPV of free agents in my league (with some downtime here at the All-Star Break), but had a couple of questions:

    1) What are the current normalizing factors for xERA in both leagues? I started using the 2.77 listed in the glossary, but if this is adjusted based on league/year, it would be good to know what the actual normalizing factor is.

    2) In the xERA calculation is lists H/9, BB/9, K/9 and HR/9. I'm assuming this is per 9 innings, and not just the raw totals divided by 9. Am I correct in this assumption?

    3) When calculating BPV for pitchers, it uses opposition HR rate. Is this HR/9 innings?


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    1) We now use xERA2, which doesn't have the same normalizing factor you speak of. It does have plenty of coefficients. Formulas can generally change each season. The best place to look is each season's forecaster.

    2) You're correct.

    3) For realized stats it is xHR/9, for projected stats it's HR/9. Both are per 9 IP.

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