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Is Royals Pitcher John Bale a RHP or LHP??

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  • Is Royals Pitcher John Bale a RHP or LHP??

    I didn't really know where to post this question...

    John Bale was signed by the Royals in the offseason after pitching in Japan for two years.

    The BBHQ playerlink shows Bale as a RHP.

    The player search shows him as a RHP.

    The Royals 40-man roster lists him as L/L.

    The Baseball America 2003 Super Register lists him as a LHP.

    The Kansas City Star Dec 12 article by Bob Dutton titled "Buddy Breaks Down his Team" writes him as a lefty.

    Some listings are wrong...and I don't know who the authoritative final source is.

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    I think he's a lefty. Every site that I could find, other than ours and MLB, shows him as such, and old news articles all refer to him as a lefty.

    And, since our PlayerLink page shows his age as zero, I'd say we're missing some information and 'R' is popping up by default.


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      His stat page from Japan says he's a lefty. Why anyone other than his mother should care is beyond me, but there it is!

      (RotoWire also says he's a lefty.)
      What's the rumpus?