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trouble with CV tonight?

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  • trouble with CV tonight?

    I have been attempting to use the CV all afternoon but keep getting error, site not responding. Is it down for now for repairs or something

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    Just tried it now, appears to be working right now.... just a little slow.


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      I haven't been able to access it and I've been trying since yesterday. Not exactly the best time for it to be down.


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        It's not down, Master... others are able to use it. I just tried it successfully. Try deleting your cache and cookies. What browser are you using?


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          Thanks Ray.

          Actually I may have isolated the problem.

          If I put in the following settings it seems to work ok:

          10 yeams, NL only, $260, 67%, 0 bench, force positons, use fractional, BALANCED, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, W, SV, ERA, WHIP.

          However when I keep everything above the same and change from BALANCED to TOP PLAYERS it gives me a query error.

          Guess I can use the balanced method for now. Thanks again.


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            FYI, I tried your "top players" scenario and it worked. If you're doing multiple queries like that (which of course is perfectly reasonable), don't use the browser's 'back' button. That can cause screwy results. Use the 'return to input form' option at the top of the output page.


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              Top Players still doesn't work for me.

              I closed and reopened my browser before starting but it didn't seem to help.


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                Send me a private msg with your email address and I'll send you an output file. You want the exact query you gave above?


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                  Thanks Ray but it's ok I can get the input from a friend of mine.

                  After more playing around it seems the problem arises with certain combinations of "use fractional" and "top players". Turning off fractional seems to do the trick.

                  Thanks again for your help.