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What about points leagues?

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  • What about points leagues?

    90% of hq content seems geared towards $ leagues. My league pays no attention to $ and is a straight points league. Has there ever been any polls taken to determine the makeup of leagues to gear the content appropriately?

    I am able to convert the weekly projections to points based on my league's parameters, but many of the other tools are not applicable to my league.

    Any advice, or does anyone else ever run into these types of things?

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    I learned years ago that much of the roto advice here was not directly applicable to my points league, but the principles were. Learning how to tell the underlying dynamics of a player's potential is good in any league. Finding the hot up-and-coming guys is useful. Deric and Rob talking about the best of the minor leaguers helps a lot!

    As for the rest, well I ignore what doesn't apply. And when someone brings up a points league question, I'm there! / @NickRichardsHQ


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      Thanks for your response, let me challenge HQ

      I have subscribed for 4 straight years now, and obviously I find some value in it, or I wouldn't still be here, but I have yet to find even a single player I could point to in these years that HQ was an outlier on the positive side that has worked out that way.



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        iucpa, if you're at all skilled with excel, it's easy to take our projections files and add a column that shows points value for YOUR league. That's (one reason) why we give the full projection and not just a $ value.

        And are you saying that you have never personally picked an HQ outlier and had them pay off? Or are you saying that there haven't been any? If the latter, I direct you to this page.