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  • HQ Projections - Missing Info...

    I've been a happy HQ subscriber for years...

    One thing I find is missing on the projection sheets for EVERY player is CONTRACT STATUS.

    If a player is in his free agent year, he may over-produce and/or play through injuries (ex. Beltre '04). On the other hand, a player in his free agent year is a risky play for some since he may get traded to the other league (In our NL only league, we lose the player outright if he gets traded to the NL).

    Bottom line - it's crucial info and plays into valuation (for me at least).

    Any thoughts?

    Ron and the gang - is it feasible to provide the info on the projection sheets as a column of info (like age, Team, etc)?



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    ENR - They may not give contract status. But if you go onto the rotowire and links page. It gives you two websites that give contract status. One is in depth - Cotts. The other is hardball dollars.