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Custom Draft Guide Question re: League Parameters

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  • Custom Draft Guide Question re: League Parameters

    Under the Custom Draft Guide's League Parameters section, it asks the # of hitters and # of pitchers/team. Does this number refer to the starting players or the entire roster? I.e., we have a 25 man roster, start 10 offensive players, and 8 pitchers. Should I enter 10 and 8 or should I try to take into account the desired breakdown of hitter/pither for a 25 man roster, including bench players, to get the most accurate value for my specific league?

    In addition, will the new Custom Draft Guide show the projected K's for each hitter? My league counts strikeouts for hitters and although the current draft guide does offer that category in its projections, you can't see the projected K's in the resulting stats. Will that be changed?

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    You should select the parameters so that they reflect the active players in your league. So you should use 10/8 for your situation. Exception would be if you have daily transactions and shuffle guys (mainly pitchers) in and out of your lineup to maximize innings, exploit platoons, etc. Then you might want to go a little above 10/8 to account for that shuffling.

    I don't know if hitter K's is included in the new custom guide... I haven't seen it yet. We'll all know soon, though!


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      Custom Draft Guide comment

      I had the same question. Our (11 team, 5x5, NL) league drafts 29 guys per team. Each team has $290. We have weekly lineups, with 23 active and 6 reserved players.

      I toyed with using 29 man rosters, with 17 hitters and 12 pitchers, assuming the reserves would be divided as 3 hitters & 3 pitchers.

      I also tried it with 23 man rosters, with 14 (active) hitters and 9 pitchers. I got creative and reduced team dollars to $260.

      I found that, with more money and more players, the upper echelon players go for higher prices. In one ($290 & 29 guys) scenario, Jason Bay went for $38.68. When the parameters were reduced to $260 for 23 active guys, Bays "value" dropped to $33.61.

      Since you can only field 23 active players per stat period, it makes sense to spend most all of you your money on those 23 guys. In other words, don't spend $10 per (each) player, or you'll have $60 worth of talent riding the pine every week.

      The other benefit to having a couple of $1 guys, at the end of the draft, is that when you identify a promising free agent, you grab him and waive a guy who has minimal value.
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