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hitting Rankings and value to the planner

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  • hitting Rankings and value to the planner

    I know I am constantly ringing up ways to make the planner better..

    I am not looking for handholding... i am looking for ways to cut down the countless hours I spend on this game (see ron's article)... with simple things that bhq has top of mind or easy access to.

    Here is my latest suggestion:

    I think the Batting rankings should be broken out by home and away.. and vs. Lefty and vs. Righty..

    It seems like a lot but it isn't.. This list is used for choosing starts and managing pitching.. these 2 splits would make our lives WAY easier..

    At the very least: break out Col and teams with hitter and pitcher parks..

    I suspect Col is artificially high in the rankings because of their field...

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    I went to ESPN to see colorado's away stats-i am correct

    It turns out if you put colorado's AWAY stats (don't know about runs) in your planner list.. they end up around LA in offensive ability...

    I think that these splits, especially for those at slanted parks, would be tremendously valuable for us!!