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HQ Rookie Ranking system - where to find?

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  • HQ Rookie Ranking system - where to find?

    I recall seeing somewhere that HQ ranked rookies by their ranking system: 10D, 9C, 9A, 8B, etc. Does such a list exist or am going bonkers? I realize that HQ has a rookie ranking, I'm looking them ranked by the number/letter HQ system. I hope that made sense. Kindly.

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    Those ratings appear in the Org Reports and the HQ100 list. If you're looking for a single list of all prospects with their rating, I think the only place we have that is in the CSV files that accompany the MLBA PDF.


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      I can't access the CSV files since I don't purchase the minor league book. I assume there is no other way to just see a list of the players ranked by HQ according to the HQ system: 10D, 9B, 9C, 9D, 9D, etc. I realize I could go through every team page and pull the highest ranking rookies, looking for a comprehensive short cut. Thank you.


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        Right, the only short cut is the MLBA-provided list.