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  • Listener Leagues?

    How do I sign up to participate in one of the upcoming Listener Leagues? Thanks.

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    Sorry, not sure what you're referring to?


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      I read the following in the Subscriber Bulletin I was emailed this morning. It doesn't say how to let the HQ people know that you want to participate. That is what I am looking for. Thanks.


      ... will be returning in 2021. These leagues provide you with the opportunity to test your skills against the best players in the world -- fellow subscribers. We will create as many leagues as we can fill -- single league, mixed league, head-to-head, etc.

      It’s FREE to play, we’ll place you in a league with other full-season subscribers (our only requirement to participate), and there are prizes! Each league winner gets a 1-year extension to their subscription. 2nd place nets a free copy of both the 2022 Baseball Forecaster and the 2022 Minor League Baseball Analyst. 3rd place winners get a free copy of either one of the books.

      Writer Alex Beckey will be coordinating this massive effort this year. We are trying to make sure that there is at least one HQ writer in each league, acting as commissioner. All drafts will be conducted on a date to be determined in March. Watch the home page for more details coming soon.


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        Ah, "subscriber leagues". I didn't connect that with "listener leagues", sorry. Anyway, we'll get signups going in early March, there will be a signup form posted on the home page (like an article).


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          Great, thanks. Sorry for the "Listener League" mix-up.