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Best way to use the projections from now on

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  • Best way to use the projections from now on

    I am in a league where we can make free daily transactions. We are in a combined 5X5 scoring league. I am just curious on what the thoughts are on using future projections for my league. Should I look at the projections every week and pick up players that are higher than my current players? Or should I continue to pick up starters on a daily basis like I have been doing? I am just throwing around some ideas and would like some help. Thanks

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    I think you have to look at the projections for skills (BPIs) as well as pick up starters based on who is playing and the offense/pitching/ballpark they face. I wouldn't want to play most starters in Coors if you can help it, for example, nor would you want a mediocre pitcher to face the Red Sox or Cardinals.


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      I like to take advantage of pitching match-ups based with skill pitchers who match-up well with the team they are facing and at that park. For example, if Wakefield has pitched well against the Orioles, but not at Camden Yards, I might sit him in favora of a better match-up.