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  • Weekly Planner Questions

    Can anyone provide some information on how the Starting Pitcher "Rank" is calculated on the Weekly Planner link? Also, is this the projected weekly rank?

    What do the astrisks indicate on the Weekly Planner Starting Pitcher page?

    Why is Radke listed as pitching against himself on the Weekly Planner Starting Pitcher page? Can I assume this is a mistake, or am I missing something?

    Why can't BHQ provide these explanations without being prompted?

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    Cubs, it seems clear that there's supposed to be some kind of key or glossary that should accompany the Planner. Bear with us, this appears to be some sort of first-week glitch. We'll get it ironed out.

    Obviously, the Radke matchup is an error, as well... that was noted in another thread, you may want to check that for helpful info.


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      Update: the Radke/Twins matchup problem is fixed.


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        Still a problem with the Twins SP

        Looks like there's still a problem with the Twins. The second series of the week with the CWS list the 3 Twins starters as facing themselves....


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          Sorry about that. The Twins/White Sox pitching matchups have been fixed.


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            Pitcher ranking


            The pitcher ranking is actually a ranking of the hitters they'll be facing that week. If you take a look at the team and ballpark page, you'll find that they match. This first week is problematic. No games have been played, so we have no idea how teams are hitting and where they actually rank. I've included the final 2004 teams hitting stats (and marked them as such) for point of reference. There's really no objective way to rank teams in terms of hitting until they start hitting. Going forward, the ranking will be based on the number of runs teams have scored per game (R/G) up to that point.

            Regarding the asterisks - they're simply a way of denoting which pitchers are scheduled to get two starts in a week. The question marks denote which pitchers are questionable.