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NL Rosters (3/25/05 update)

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  • NL Rosters (3/25/05 update)

    Has anyone noticed that the outfield for certain teams are screwy? Check out Arizona where J. Cruz plays both CF & RF; LA where M. Bradley takes a shot at CF & RF which also seems to be shared with JD Drew; The Brewers OFers are not assigned to their respective positions; poor Carlos Beltran signed for all that money with the Mets but is a man without a position or a roster spot for that matter; and Pit, SD, and Was have two LFers. I just scanned the AL rosters and they are screwy as well.

    Doesn't anyone proof read anymore? I e-mailed customer support two hours ago and this hasn't been taken care of. I am leaving shortly for the holiday weekend and am drafting tomorrow, apparently without updated rosters.

    Excuse my French, but what the @#$%?!?!?