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Batting Order as part of Depth Charts?

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  • Batting Order as part of Depth Charts?

    I'm wondering if HQ has considered adding % of time by batting order position to its depth charts?

    The root of this request is that certain player's R/RBI totals seem higher or lower than I would expect, and since this is generally a function of team offense and batting order, I'm wondering how HQ sees certain lineups taking shape.

    Juan Uribe is someone that I'm struggling with in particular. HQ is projecting R and RBI totals (92 and 97, respectively) that suggest he will be batting in the 3-5 spots. It would help to know if his R/RBI projection is because of HQ's projected spot in the order or in spite of it (e.g., if HQ sees him in the 6-8 position in the order, but still thinks he'll hit those R/RBI totals).

    It may be too late for this year, but definitely something to keep in mind for next year.