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Ron will you please join the NFBC?

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  • Ron will you please join the NFBC?

    Ron, I gave you a hard time last year. But this year your in Las Vegas for a lifetime award. I'm happy for you! Now with just a few days left you can join the NFBC draft and be a part of the movement of the future. Get out there and find out find out how it really is. You'd make a lot of readers happy to see you strap it up and go play. Expert drafts are all fine and dandy but who ever hears the results? If you do well in the NFBC everyone knows. Come on Ron play!!!! Don't hide behind your groupies anymore!

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    No one uses "groupies" any more. We're celebrity esteem builders!

    (In photos of Ron's entourage, I'm the guy holding the big umbrella so that the sun doesn't get in Ron's eyes.)


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      Another year. Another I'm too good for this. Ron if you want to keep living in the past be my guest. Your going to lose your base as time goes on. Patton did and so will you. Its becoming a joke.
      If you truly believe in fantasy baseball you'd sign up for the NFBC and take your chances. A true champion puts it on the line.