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help with batting abbrev.definitons

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  • help with batting abbrev.definitons

    trying to read the projections,,,what does BPV, RAR, RC/G,SX stand for and what are the acceptable values...
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    In the main window, go to Glossary (A left tab)


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      While you're there, check out the Learning Center and the Forecaster's Toolbox . Get through both of those and you'll feel right at home throwing around these acronyms.


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        Re: help with batting abbrev.definitons

        BPV: Base Performance Value, a composite of Base Performance Indicators like Eye and bb% for hitters, K/9 and bb/9 for pitchers.
        RAR: Runs Above Replacement, used in Scoresheet leagues to determine worth of one player over a baseline player at that position.
        RC/G: Runs Created per Game, a sabermetric measure.
        SX: Speed Score Index, a rating of the player's speed relative to his league.

        There is a ton of good info on the pages cited by the others on this thread. Check it out.
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