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Feb 18 projection files - corruption?

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  • Feb 18 projection files - corruption?

    I am having trouble importing the Feb 18th NL batter and pitcher Excel projection files into Microsoft Access. The error message is vague, but it implies that there is corruption in the files.

    Would it be possible for you to test this out on your end to determine if there really is a problem with the original files. I have tried many things on my end, and all indications lead back to these specific files. Other hand made Excel files are importing into Access with any difficulty.


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    Mike, I had no trouble either opening up the Excel files from the Web page, nor downloading the Excel files. I also loaded the projections into RotoLab. So I don't think the Excel file is corrupted.

    However, I am also have trouble importing the file into a new Access table. I'll fool around with it a little and see if I can figure out the problem.


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      OK, I found the problem. The column heading '5x5' was formatted as a number, not as a text field. Access expects the column names to be text, so it's choking on the import.

      I'll get it fixed for the future, but you can do it yourself. Open up the Excel spreadsheet, and just retype '5x5' into the column heading. Excel will interpret that as a text field.


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        Question about the Feb 18th projections as well.I noticed it just because I downloaded them into rotolab.

        Why is it starting pitchers seemed to be grouped together in the innings pitched category.

        Example: 17 pitchers are projected to pitch exactly 202 innings.

        And 16 more at 187 innings pitched and thats just in the AL for both

        I wouldnt have noticed if I wasnt trying to see which pitchers to target that would get me up to the 900 innings minimum requirement



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          Thanks for the MS Access help. Changing the column name to "Val" instead of '5x5' worked like a charm.



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            Originally posted by circle360
            Why is it starting pitchers seemed to be grouped together in the innings pitched category.
            We project playing time by assigning a percentage of total innings to each pitcher. A frontline pitcher might be given a value of 14%, so every pitcher with that percentage is going to have the same number of innings.


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              A related but slightly different issue ...

              The Games Pitched (and, as a result, BF/G) stats seem to be off for some pitchers.

              Jaret Wright sticks out as an oddity. I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I think he is forecasted for something like 66 games pitched and 187 innings. I can understand if HQ thinks he will end up in the bullpen, but certainly not so early in the season that he would make 66 appearances.


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                Ron asked me to post this response to your question:

                "The reason pitchers are grouped together like that (and batters too, though it's not as apparent since we project PA not AB) is that we project playing time based on percentage of available innings. A frontline pitcher might be projected at 14% of total IP, which will always be 203 IP."