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Thread: Continuous page load?

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    Default Continuous page load?

    Just me or does anyone else experience BHQ pages loading continuously? If I haven't had an opportunity to read the site through the week, I usually hit the site on Saturday. I open each day - Monday through Friday in it's own tab, and then work my way through all the articles. So, for example, Wednesday's page had loaded and seemed to be done, but then a few seconds later, it starts re/loading again.

    There's no real reason for it to do that. If it's programming on the site that's doing it, it's terribly inefficient and degrades browser performance.

    Any thoughts?


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    Definitely not programming on the site, unless you're referring to the slide show continuing to refresh. But that shouldn't represent a full page load. I don't see this happening on my end. Anyone else?

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    I do the same: ie run through each day's articles using the day tab underneath the slide show on the home page. I don't get any reloading at all: the page loads once and happily sits there until I move back to home page or click on the next day's articles.

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