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Thread: AAV (ADP to R$) Formula

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    Default AAV (ADP to R$) Formula

    Hi there,

    Somehwat irreleveant question due to the negligible change in the results, but I am anal and curious:

    - In the forecaster toolbox, the formula for AAV is listed as:
    AAV = 57.8 - 9.8 * ln (ADP)

    - In the March 25 Market Pulse article, the formula for AAV is noted as:
    AAV = 58.5 - 9.8 * ln (ADP)

    A) which is the most accurate / current?
    B) what is the source of this formula?

    thanks !


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    I wasn't aware that it had changed. I'll look into the discrepancy. Source is some original research performed here by Bill Macey citca 2010 or 2011.

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